About this blog, and me

Hi! I am Jordi. I have been involved in the creation of software since January 1998, which means I did a lot, saw a lot, and might have learnt a few out of it.

I continue working on software, though I let younger, better developers take the front stage. In other words, I am spending my time as a manager more than producing new code myself. This gives me a bit more time to explore, try-out, and learn.

And I am also deeply committed to sharing. This is why this blog exists. I am not following a path to somewhere with it, nor trying to “sell my vision“. I’d rather approach software designing, creation, and ongoing operation from different perspectives. Sometimes I even dare to speak about the social aspects of our community. What provides some kind of consistency into the contents of the blog, apart from the fact that I am their only author, is the pursuit of learning about software in its broadest sense, while enjoying the journey at the same time.

I am trying to publish new content here every other Thursday.

Image copyright note: Photo by Alex Fu on Pexels.com

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