The Holographic Principle

cosmic black hole

This is the start of a series of posts around a new Principle I came up with some months ago, and which I have been refining up to the preliminary form I present here for the first time in public. Hopefully comments and suggestions help either to throw it away for useless, or to make … Continue reading The Holographic Principle

The fallacy of state recovery from event storage

Here are the contents of my talk in the 3d DDDBarcelona meetup, the 8th of November. It was an excellent occasion to learn about the experiences with DDD of other fellows in the audience, as well as learn from the other two speakers: Aleix Morgadas, who talk about Adopting DDD in the teams, and Daniel … Continue reading The fallacy of state recovery from event storage

Dive into DDD – Part II

After presenting the fundamentals of DDD in the Part I of this Dive into DDD series, it is time we got our hands dirty with some practice. As I mentioned there, the purpose of the examples I am going to introduce in this series is not only to illustrate how to produce software under the … Continue reading Dive into DDD – Part II