Global Software Architecture Summit 2019 – review series

Thanks to my employer, I had the opportunity to attend to the first Global Software Architecture Summit that took place in Barcelona the 10th of October. The event, organized by Apiumhub, consisted in a one day track of speaches, debates, and one panel, as well as the usual breaks to mingle with the community, all around the topic of Software Architecture. 8 different sessions, overall provided by a bunch of illuminating, and funny, speakers who brought a huge level of expertise to the stage, and that ended up being an extremely inspiring, though exhausting, day for me.

So, I decided to share the ideas I came up with during the event here, hoping that some of you might eventually feel that inspiration too, at least as much as I can recreate it. Problem is, there was so much to say, and so many paths to follow starting at any of the topics dropped by the speakers during the event, that it came eventually obvious that I would rather cut the whole review in smaller, digestable pieces.

This is how this series came into light. The episodes are the following:


Some of the episodes are longer than others, whereas some topics show up repeatedly in some, or all, the sessions. Should I list the main topics, I’d clearly separate the incidental from the fundamental: micro-services, kubernetes, and complexity, as incidental; and the high value driven by experimentation, as fundamental.

Certainly, overall the event was highly inspiring, and I left the place with plenty of ideas that, I am sure, worth spending some time exploring.

As a final note, my advice to everyone involved in producing software: attend to events, mingle with the community, learn, and enjoy!

Copyright notice: Featured image taken from the GSAS Twitter account without permission.

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